Consultancy and value added services

We have won recognition for our services from many leading companies in various industries so that we can use the expertise of past projects to develop and implement solutions to meet any challenges.


leoHR is involved in the development and implementation of outplacement service as a support solution for professional continuity. It is a service dedicated to companies wishing to provide employees affected by the re-organization and restructuring an easy transition for a new job, giving them access to professional assessment, consulting and recruitment processes and selection active on labor market.

Career counseling

To help professionals to discover their best career path, we provide innovative tools and techniques. Career counseling can be an ideal solution in the following processes:

  • making the decision to change the job or career
  • searching for a job
  • choosing a career
  • professional re-orientation after a job loss
  • returning to work after a period of inactivity


leoHR consultants are accredited and certified to apply a series of personality tests, which reveal character features and competencies and personal preferences, grouping them into categories relevant to the work environment, such as team player spirit, work style, dynamism, resistance to stress, problem-solving orientation, change management.

Highlighting both strengths and weaknesses in the context of the relationship with the work, the tools used both as part of the recruitment process but also separately, are particularly useful to identify the training needs, but also for self-evaluation, in personal and professional development perspective, or identifying new career directions.

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